Deal breakers/ red flags?

Things guys or girls do the lets u know they might be cray


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  • They're always on their cell phones went out on a date. They don't make their appointments for other dates they end up canceling or a no-show or late. They drift away for a few days without calling to check in

  • For me, a girl has to be crazy, or at least undateable, if she:
    1. Smokes, drinks, or uses drugs.
    2. Cusses or is physically aggressive or violent.
    3. Wears thongs, "butt floss", or any such "underwear".
    4. Tattoos her body or has piercings.
    5. Is close friends or mixes with, or behaves like, gays, lesbians, or criminals.
    6. Mistreats her parents or any other member of her own family.
    7. Is jealous, insecure, nagging, or controlling.
    8. Has pit bull dogs or other very dangerous creatures as pets.
    9. Is a member of some outlandish religious or other cult.
    10. Likes threesomes, oral or anal sex, or any such sexual practice that deviates from what is natural or normal.


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