He promised me a couple of nights ago that he's not into any other female, does that mean he's getting serious about me?

I noticed that he only talks to his guy friends and not his females friends anymore and he told me he talks to me more than his male friends. After he said that, he hasn't texted in 2 days. Why? Is it because he was opening up or hinting his feelings?


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  • It means he is probably lying and just saying what he thinks you want to hear.

  • Ues.

    • How so?

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    • He thinks it went bad. Text him that you're thinking about him.

    • Well I was like if there's someone else then he need to say it and he assured me it's not and was like he talks to me more than his guy friends. Maybe he feels like I don't trust him.

  • We'll see time will tell


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