Since when is it okay for a girlfriend to go over a guys house or boyfriend to go over a girls house?

im having an issue so I googled it.

Apparantly it’s okay for partners to go to the opposite friends house without their partner, trust or not. last I checked, my parents never said it was okay. Never have I met an uncle or aunt to go somewhere else. I’ve never ever heard of it.

So what makes this normal?


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  • Usually if there's an existing friend relationship long before they met their SO. Their SO should at the very least be introduced to this friend sometime early in the relationship.

    • The priblem with that is she didn't want to meet me and at times my boyfriend lied to me and even never told me anything about her until i asked. Hed tell me hed hang with her but later stopped. I later found out that i had confused her for another old friend so he really never told me about her.

    • He went over to her house one day to comfort her and told me he was at work

    • Yeah, doesn't sound like he's serious enough with you to be concerned about how you feel about her and the fact he won't at least try to introduce you. If she doesn't want to meet that's her choice.

  • I went over my girlfriend's best friend's house last night just to say hi because I was in her area. In fact it was my girlfriend's idea. No big deal at all.


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