How important is your partners level of education in today's dating scenario?

Would you prefer dating someone whose level of education is similar to yours?
If you have a college degree, would you completely rule out someone who doesn't have one?

I personally feel that regardless of a college degree, the level of a persons intelligence matters in order to find things to relate to.



Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree with you on intelligence.

    I feel that when we move on to college our social circle ends up revolving around people with similar backgrounds. I guess the dating pool involves a similar set of people as well. So while not something I ever consciously thought about, the guys I was interested in or went out with did have college educations.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well for one, I agree that intelligence is much more important than education.

    But I also find that more education seems to have a negative effect on women I've dated. For example the girls with equal education care much less about their appearance and are more likely to have an attitude of "I don't need you" if we have an issue. On the other hand the girls who skipped out on college maintain their bodies to the same degree as they did in high school and seem much more invested in the relationship.

    • Thats an interesting connection to make. Physical fitness requires a lot of motivation and time management, particularly of you're working full time. I think the same can be said for men as well.

    • Yeah, college seem to knock a lot of people out of the habit with the "freshman 15" and new time requirements

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