Does he still like me? How do I ask him?

Alright so about 5 months ago I started talking to this guy and he always told me how much he liked me and how he has "never felt this way about a girl before" and then about 3 months ago he left 10 hours away for hockey. We decided that we would wait for each other until he got back from hockey, which would be next year early April.

At the beginning he would always tell me how much he missed me and how much he wanted me to be there, and if I didn't respond quickly enough he'd always double text/snap me. He started to become kind of distant and my friends were putting things in my head about him seeing other girls, so I was somewhat suspicious but in the end he's a super sweet guy and I wouldn't think he'd do that to me. So anyways, we definitely have become more distant but the odd time he will say to me "need you here", but he just keeps sending mixed signals. From the time of him becoming more distant, he'd leave me on open, not answer me as quick as he used to, and he doesn't even really talk anymore, just sends pics on snap. I'm too scared to ask him if he still wants me to wait for him because I'm scared for his answer.

How do I bring up the issue and how do I work up the nerve to ask it? Do I tell him I have a question and go from there? Or do I just outright say "I think you've lost feelings for me". I just don't want to be assuming things and then have them not be true, because maybe he does still like me and he's just busy with hockey! Or maybe I'm just absolutely crazy. Anyways, some input would be nice, both on what you guys think about the issue and what you guys think I should do to ask him. I don't want to annoy him or assume things and then he gets mad, that's just why I'm scared to ask. Have any of you been in a similar situation? On either side of it? Let me know!


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  • I will be happy to help.
    First of all you need to understand that you are dealing with a long distance relationship which can be very difficult and frustrating at times. But the strategy you will use to solve this issue will be similar as other relationship.

    You have to have a long talk with him. Preferebly through Skype, FaceTime or anyway where you can see each other.

    You will have to talk about this issue that is making uncomfortable. This is how is gonna be, you have to build up to the question not just say it otherwise he might interpret it wrong.

    Hey, _name goes here_, you know that I love you and miss you. Since you left I have... And ... Basically let him know you care about him and the relationship.

    Then, ask him how does he think about the relationship. Let him express himself. And lessen without interrupting him. Check how he expressed about you and the relationship.

    Then, you have to tell him how you feel about the relationship at the moment. Tell him that you are feeling him distance because of this and that. Ask him if there is any problems or anything he wants to talk about. Tell him anything that makes you uncomfortable and unhappy of the relationship. And then tell him what does he thinks about this issues.

    Let him express himself and let him explain himself of all of his actions. Then at this part you go lessens, respond, ask and the cycle goes again. Don't let anything out of the questions. Spill it out, let it all out of your chess until you feel relieved.

    Yes, sometimes there is things that will shock you and sometimes this leads to the end of the relationship but is something grown ups have to do often when serious problems come out. You have to talk it out, if you keep avoiding it the problem will just get worst with time. In the long run you will be happy that you had that talk I promess you.

    Hope everything works out, goodluck ✌️


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