Why didn't he approach me?

2 weeks i met a guy (19 yo) at the park (he took his 3 yo brother there) and im 23 with a 3 yo..
He was flirting, starting conversations with me.. Following us when we would play in the otger playground.. He seemed rather interested, and so was i honestly.. I was too tired and ended up leaving (9pm) i told him bye, but he didmt ask for my #..
2 weeks later (today) we coincidentally met again.. Actually i was speaking to his step father without knowing it (at the park), 10 minutes into speaking to his step dad i finally noticed him sitting on the banch with his mom.. He made a first move as our eyes crossed amd said "hi" . soon after he came to us and presented me to his step, and his step was like "OH ! she's the girl who've spoke to us about? "
Needles to say i was shocked!! But in a positive way...
He then sat back on the banch, away from us.. Was he embarrassed?
While the 19 yo was gone to get smtg in his car, i asked his step if what he said was true, he said yes.
The 19 yo came back and its at tgis moment that i realized his step has a really big mouth, he told him i asked him that! I was like wtf! Lol..

Point is tge 19yo didn't approach me.. Opposed to last time.. Why?

I hope to see him again.
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  • he's parents were there and they were embarrassing him.. Thats why
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LOL !! we coincidentally met again!! I was walking and he was driving.. Our paths came across.. We were at the same corner in same time.. He was alone and stopped his car to speak with me :) he was red and shy.. But he finally asked for my number lololol!!! So i guess it was because his parents were there that he didn't approach me as much. Its crazy because when i left the first time we met i regretted not asking for fb or smtg, thinking that we would never meet again. But in 2 weeks met 3x !


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  • huh? can I get the English version please?

    • some guy did not do something you wanted, or didn't try to pick you up in the particular way that you conceived the script to be in your mind. even though yo are old enough to ask for his number. Maybe the guy has higher standards. Maybe he does not want a single mom to date and be used by.

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    • I didn't have a script.. But hoped he would run after me the same he did 2 weeks ago.. And it worried me when he didn't.
      He did say hi first tho..

    • Sorry when i wrote it yesterday i was tired.. And im french

  • no balls...


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