How Do I approach The Situation?

Ok so, about a week ago, my friend comes to me and tells me that one of her friends has a crush on me. She couldn't tell me who it was and swore me to utmost secrecy. I spent a lotta time racking my brain trying to guess who it was; and all my suspicion centred on one girl in particular. I found out later that I was right and she was the one crushing. Only problem is she's reluctant to persue me because I'm a bit too loud and obnoxious. I can't stop thinking about her. All my habits are dictated by her now because I want this to work. But how do I begin to better control myself around her. Any and all advice is considered and greatly appreciated!!!


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  • Be yourself, dont change yourself for someone cause then they won't like you for you anymore. Be polite and just upfront with her.


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