He’s going on a vacation with his ex?

So, me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 7 months and at the beginning everything was perfect. But like, for Two months we have been fighting because he is overly jealous, every time I go out with someone other than him, and I mean girls, we argue. So let’s get to the point. His ex’s family and his family are really really good friends and they are going on a vacation together. I don’t know why but I have the feeling that he will sleep with her. He even told me don’t let me go on the vacation without sleeping eithe me. He really really wants to sleep with me and he claims it is because he is really attracted to me but I don’t want to do it sooo... yeah, at times I think he will break up with me when I sleep with him. He never really spoke about it before we started arguing
Oh, and keep in mind I am only 15 and he is 17


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  • 1. Your profile says you are 25-29 and your post says you are 15. If honesty is something that you do only when it is convenient, then you are not an honest person.

    2. This guy is trying to manipulate you to have sex with him. It is time to find a better boyfriend. Try someone your own age.

    • I didn’t even notice what my profile said, I’m sorry and thanks for the advice

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  • You're 15 going through that nonsense with a 17 year old guy who sounds very immature to begin with, what's the matter with you?
    The entire thing from the vacation to the both of you don't sound right, live your life and let that guy live his.


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  • Sounds like a lot is wrong, much more than this vacation, which he shouldn't go on.

    • I let him go more because of myself. Because this way for a couple of days I would be able to go out with my friends without his drama

  • I would dump him. Not worth the bullshit.

    • Tried. He got really angry, then cried, so I ended up forgiving he with the promise that he would change but..

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    • Thank you 😊 I needed to hear that

    • No problem. Hope you figure out what you're going to do. Good luck.👍

What Girls Said 1

  • Dump him. You are way too young to have to be worrying about such an asshole guy.


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