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So me and my girl been going through a rough patch about a month. Well she been going through a lot of family and financial issues. And not in a good place in her life now. We talk but not much I give her space. I told her I'm there for her.

So yesterday I did something stupid. My intentions was something different. Since she always like surprises and always like me suprising her. I stop by her house yesterday because first to surprise and to show her I meant what I said. That I'm here for her and also we haven't seen each other in a month.

Man let me tell you the reaction was so bad. At first she was like dont do that ever again. Which was wrong after I think about it. But she look at me in such disgust and was standing there like I was a cancer. I was talking to her she wouldn't even look in my face.

All the time when been together she never looked at me like that. So going home I told her I apologize I f up and I'll leave u alone. And just left at that.

What is your opinion on this?
So that went bad she tried to call me and I was talking and she tried to shush me. So I said dont shush me just talk. So she hung up and i text her talk just dont be shush me wtf come man.

She hit me with it's ok i dont want to talk anymore. How I gonna get mad at me but u the one gonna shush me. I'm done. I didn't even say anything back
You want to hear something funny. Today she called me but I missed her car because I was busy.

So about a hr later I text her what's up? Then said again. She says "we can talk another time no rush" I said I'm not rushing ok cool.

After that she says "i didn't say u was rushing u must be having a bad day from how I sound " I replied " how u know how i sound from a text message i actually good. Appreciate it"

She replies " no prob" I mean what's was that? Is she feeling guilty?


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  • Yeah this doesn't seem right :-|

    If I went through family and financial issues, having a boyfriend who cares and then also stop by is an act of caring, especially if you haven't seen each other in a month!
    To me, she's acting like she's hiding something. Sorry to say, but I would question that particular behavior. I'd ask her about it.

    Because logically, her reaction is not rational. You didn't fuck up. Without knowing exactly what, she's reacting because she's done something she hasn't told you about.

    I'd have a discussion (clear as day) about it all. Whether or not she's honest is another thing, but that is something you have to determine when you talk to her.

    Why be together if you cannot trust her?

    • Yea I'm so done I just sint even want talk about it. On the other hand i feel like texting her and saying are u hiding something from me?

      But that sounds needy and insecure dont it?

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    • We had a long talk and few days later i asked her if she want led to meet up and talk and see my new place. I was expecting her to say no. But she says yes sounds good. Like she really want to meet up. Should I just ask her in person rather on phone now. Confused on this part. Lol

    • Sorry for late answer! Ask her what? If it's over? It should be, the way she's treated you, so there's really nothing there in question. If you want to ask that, then you should have your own wants in check.
      Do you want to continue with her?

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  • You shouldn't feel guilty for her being peculiar other then maybe buyers regret perhaps


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  • its going no where

    • Yea for right now imma leave her alone. She dont even talk to her own family and I know her family well. The financial hole she in I can't help her because she dug herself to deep I only know some aspects of it

    • To be very honest l think she needs some help from a doctor and been very honest why dont you ask her if she has been cheating on you are you scared to ask that in case she won't want you back at the end of the day l dont think things will work out so sad in the past 3 girls cheat on me

  • she's seeing someone else would be my take.

    • I dont think it's even that. She been so down she dont even talk to her own family and I know them well. I just gonna leave her alone right now

    • mood swings and financial problems points to bipolar mental issues

    • ghost her for awhile. you give her too much attention. i told you to back off, which you did and it worked like magic. but then again... i despise girls that play these attention games.

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