Is this girl into me still?

So say me and this girl met 9 months ago. We never started out as friends. We hooked up and messed around. She told me she liked me to my face various times and always showed affection towards me.

she goes to study abroad for a month. She reached out to me quite often. We get lunch and dinner another night and i finally ask her to be my girlfriend. She rejects and tells me she wants to be alone and that she sees me more as a friend, and can only offer her pure friendship. I go ok fine, i may have possibly lost my chance... i told her ill be friend still..

So since this talk she's been texting non stop. Being flirty. I go to help her with something for her car. She was getting all close to me, laughing at everything I say and being all nervous. The another night she invited me out to her birthday dinner with a group of her friends. Here she was all over me. Touching me etc even going as far as feeding me some of her food with her fork... we mostly text everyday still.

how can you go from being all intimate to being “pure friends” or is she just full of shit?

Also. I dont think she's using me. She has no reason too. I haven't been giving her attention so. And in the beginning she told me she wasn't as sexual as most girls. she's a little inexperienced and doesn't even want to give oral. So she's just not this slut. she's a nice girl.


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  • She's a confused girl. You can be her friend and all but I'll say don't waste your mental energy thinking about her behaviour.


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