Boyfriend doesn’t trust women?

Basically, when my boyfriend was growing up, he didn’t hang out with the greatest group of people. I guess you can term them “ratchet” in a sense. Anyways, the girls he used to like would have sex with his friends, toy with his feelings, and not give him the respect a person deserves. But, there were some girls who were decent (but it never turned into anything, he always found something wrong with them). Anyways, he also would have sex with basically any girl that was offering, or go on dates with girls (and they would have bad personalities, be rude, etc). So, now I see that translates sometimes into our relationship. I get the feeling he doesn’t 100% trust women, he has never fully accused me. But, sometimes he has gotten jealous/insecure about things. Or, the way he talks about women other than me, sometimes it makes me upset. He also said he would get a paternity test once his wife has kids.

I also am a little bothered he would chase after such “Low class” women. I think to myself, these women didn’t respect themselves or my boyfriend at the time. So, does my boyfriend not respect himself?


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  • No doubt women can be cruel. Men have feelings too, and they can be hurt just like women also. So if he has had repeated negative encounters he could be easily imprinted to distrust women and have a lower regard for them. For sure, it can also bring you down too. It's no different than having someone call you stupid or ugly all the time, after a while you start to believe it and simply aim lower in life to reduce the chance of failure. It doesn't mean this has to be permanent either. I think all he needs is a good solid relationship with you. Be the best girlfriend you can be and eventually he will see the good in you and forget the others.

  • He has no respect for no one he knows no better


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