Is he shy, insecure or what else?

I've been with a great guy for almost six months. He's told me he has feelings for me and he finds me very attractive. He has no problems complimenting me or telling me how I make him feel.
But he has a hard time accepting how I feel about him. When I tell him I find him attractive he laughs and tells me he's nothing to look at.
When we talk for a long time he asks if he's bothering me. He sends me selfies but when I ask for one he gets weird about it and says he's nothing special.
I compliment him and tell him how special he is but he won't change. why is he like that?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Thats all so cute us humans are like that at times but deep inside we know that our guy or girl does really love us and wants us thats why they are still with us l think its to do with the past say if some one has had a bad Ex that hurt them its very hard to trust again so we need to work on it

  • it is a huge insecurity for guys when they feel like their partner is more attractive then they find themselves. what it is is that he probably goes to bed every night and thanks his lucky stars that he found a girl as amazing as you and never wants to be the reason you're upset or the reason you leave him. he doesn't have that good of a personal body image and probably feels like you might be settling for him instead of the kinda guy you really want because he feels like you deserve better then him and all he wants is your happiness. in my opinion communication is insanely important to maintain a relationship but action to prove that its not all talk is also a huge part. don't just say i love you but show it with your actions.


What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like the same reason some girls are like that. You can compliment them all they time and they will still belittle themselves. I think it’s just a lack of confidence and self love, to be honest. I was very much like that and still now I’m like that sometimes


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