What does it mean when a girl that said she doesn't like to kiss on the cheek, kisses you in the cheek?

This may seem like a stupid question. But anyway.

This girl in the past I've tried to say hello and goodbye with a kiss on the cheek, which isn't uncommon for me. But she kept her distance for some reason and avoided it. One day I asked why she wouldn't do it seeing that she did it with girls. She told me she didn't like it. I think, OK, fine.

I stopped seeing her for a while because of work, and recently I gave her a hug to wish her merry Christmas because I wasn't going to see her until after Xmas. I wasn't expecting nothing but just the hug, and it got me off guard cause she kissed me on the cheek , I acted like nothing happened but she kind felt embarrassed and immediately after the hug looked away from me and gave me her back. I don't know, it confused me. Maybe its nothing, what do you think?


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  • Well my guess would be that since you asked her why she didn't kiss on the cheek she took that as a cue that you would like it if she did it. Since you weren't going to see her for a while she might have decided to kiss you on the check as a way of saying "hey I like you and I will try to show it more". This isn't necessarily saying that she likes you as in dating ro anything it could be just her way of showing she likes you as a friend. She might have been embarassed because she doesn't usually do it and so she was wondering wether you liked it or if she came off as being weird. One of the best things you could do is to simply show her that you are cool with it and that she never needs to feel embarassed around you.

    • Yeah, that's what I thought. I like her, like really like her, interested in her. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but knowing that I'm interested in her, is this a good or bad thing? A friend told me its a bad thing cause she is now too comfortable with me, and another says its good cause she is more comfortable than before, :S. haha. What do you think?

    • 1) It is good to know that you like her because you are sure of your feelings and that can make her more sure of her feeling

      2) It is a good thing to have her comfortable, she is more willing to talk to you and have a good time with you if she feels comfortable. If she didn't it could make things a little weird.

  • maybe she though she offended or hurt you when she said she didn't like it. so she kissed you instead to tell you that it's ok


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