Should I just expect to be cheated on?

My past two exes cheated on me. We were together for less than 2 years. My current boyfriend seems like a really loyal and considerate people. However, we were talking about married couples we know who have cheated (parents of friends), and i said “I’m just not sure how anyone can go through with it!) and he said “me neither. But, I’m not old. I have no idea what it’s like to be old. I think people cheat when they’re unfulfilled with their life”. This made me really sad. I mean, maybe it has some truth. But, he never said he wouldn’t cheat on his wife or long time partner when he’s old and has been with them for a while.


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  • Seems more like he's just rationalizing for other people. The fact that he's willing to have that conversation with you means he's not even thinking of cheating on you.

    • I mean. I don’t know. He just said he doesn’t know what it’s like to be old, and dating someone for so long. So, I just worry :/

    • That's pretty normal I guess. None of know what happens in the future. The best we can do is just float on.

    • I would just like someone who is certain enough to know they wouldn’t cheat. I know I wouldn’t cheat on someone. I know how it feels.

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