Can friend with benefit turn into boyfriend material?

So I started seeing this guy when I just had my heart completely broken so I did not want ANYTHING at all with this one. After seeing each other for about three months he kissed me and I thought you know what I could try have a casual relationship with him because: a- I really was not looking for a serious thing and b- he was known for always being casual with girls. The problem was that he looked a lot into me surprisingly. I wanted to be as clear as possible and I repeated him often that this was casual and had to stay that way. At this point when things were really great he started dating other people but I started getting more and more attached to him. When I told him I changed my mind he said he could not see me that way anymore and said we should also stop having sex in case things started to get serious with someone else. I know he had feelings for me at some point, so what I am asking is everything lost forever? Do you think I have some chance?


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  • You had your chance and you blew it. He moved on.

    If the dude doesn't even wanna have sex with you anymore. There ain't no way in hell he wants to date you



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  • No he made it clear there is no change for a relationship.

  • friends with benefits will almost never turn into anything more.


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