Does he still love me?

Recently, my mental health has gotten in the way of my relationship with my boyfriend. My obsessive thinking and paranoia has been a real issue lately, and I don’t know exactly why considering it’s never been this bad. If he acts even the slightest bit different, I get all paranoid and think that he’s talking to someone else or that someone else is making him happy. I will get upset because of me thinking like that. I don’t intentionally think like that, and I know that he has been loyal and hasn’t done anything to break my trust, but recently my behavior has been coming in between us. When he got home from work my behavior annoyed him I think. He texted me saying he doesn’t feel like talking and he just watched YouTube all night. He texted me here and there but he wasn’t as responsive as normal. I realized my actions were unacceptable and I need to learn to control them more, and I apologized and he said he still loves me and that he cares about me and he doesn’t want to lose me. I still feel like something is wrong and I can’t tell if he truly still wants to be with me. Does he still want to be with me or love me? What should I do in order to fix things or make them better than they were before?
He’s at work today but he hasn’t texted me back in 3 hours and I’m scared. He gets off in 1 hour though.


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  • Only he knows for sure, but he is probably emotionally drained, and that is going to have an effect on how he relates to you. My guess is that the feelings are still there, or he would have broken up with you.

  • You need professional counseling. Get a referral from your family doctor. The can help you sort out the difference between reality and your fantasies. Especially the bad ones. Constantly living in fear is no way to live. And there's nothing wrong with seeking help, it's actually quite common. Do it before you ruin your life.


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