Overreacting or did she ghost me?

Hi guys! So i met this girl 2 months ago and we really kicked it off. we messaged each other everyday a lot. of course over time we started messaging less (still multiple times daily) i went on two dates with her both of which went well. we both said we liked each other and we talked about a lot of personal things i. e. sex what to look for in a relationship etc. i went on a date with her last Sunday which went well. however these last few days she's being messaging kinda weird. she's taking a real long time to reply. before max a few hours. two days ago she took like 7 hours and then 8 hours. and yesterday i messaged her it's been a whole day. she's also been messaging shorter sentences as opposed to how we used to and her messages are a lot more serious and less comical like they usually are. also she usually posts on her story and she didn't at all yesterday. however this morning she posted on her story about her family coming in town. i know she's chilling with family but a message on snapchat only takes like 30 seconds. I don't know what to do i know i may be overreacting as i have anxiety but thoughts anyone? should i just let her go? i'm reacting harshly to this because i really like her and her messaging is unlike what she usually is. thanks guys :)


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  • She could be just busy if she's inactive on social media

    Since she's a girl she could have her notifications off cause a lot of dude probably hit her up so the only way she will see your message is if she goes on the app

    Just wait till her family is gone. If its the same thing then cut your losses

    But dont jump the gun here

    • Just be patient

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    • Yah i at least wanted to get some closure yah know? To see why she stopped replying. At least now i know i dont lose. If there's a reply then good if no reply then its over. Right?

    • Yeah you got the right idea. Dont chase girls. let them chase you

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