He cheated on her with me, im so heartbroken?

A guy i really really liked and had a connection with cheated on a girl he was dating with me.

February this year i met this guy called Terry. We saw each other almost every weekend and had a great connection, we went to parties together and slowly started getting closer. I knew he found me attractive as he called me beautiful everytime he saw me, he would open car doors for me, buy me stuff sometimes etc. After about 2 weeks me and him ended up sleeping together. We first slept with each other in March this year and we got together loads before that and done stuff but not the full thing. i said to him afterwards how i really liked him and he said he did not want a relationship which i accecpted.

i moved on and found a new guy!!! me and this guy dated for a month or two and then ended because the distance. So terry seemed to have moved on too from what he was posting on snapchat about being happy. I had a get together at my house which he asked to come ro so i let him. I was really confused as he was all over me so i thought he was single!! He kept calling me beautfiful and following me and we even went out in public together. We ended up sleeping with each other again.

after this he posted a snapchat saying ‘im not attracted to anyone else’ thinking it was about me since it was the exact same day he posted it. We met up again and he told me he didn't wanna see me with another guy and he was being reqlly nice. Its now August and he's messaging me asking to see me and then he said he wanted to see me when im free. Its the end of the month now a week later and i find out for 3 months he was dating someone the whole time. Im so heartbroken i loved him. I thought his quotes were about mebut they were about someone else. I can't help but love him. He made a new snapchat for her as she asked and now just left me in the deep end and hasn't spoken to me. I really want him, what do i do? Do i add his new snapchat? He played me so bad i did not know he had a girlfriend?


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  • Move on, people like this aren't worth your time

  • Lala land. OMFG

    • First off i really liked him. Second off your opinion did not help.

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