Why is she acting like that? What do u think?

So im in relation for around half year now and my girlfriend is acting strangly she cares about me a lot but she isn't romantic like she used to be... there are some days that she is romantic like she was before... and i know she has somekind off problems to deal with like her sister is in hospital etc but some off them she won't tell me about becouse "i canot help her" ... i just want to be next to her to be her support and everything she needs... and she has problem opening to me and telling me her feelings i dont know how we were bestfrends since we were 5 (now 18/19 years old).. what should i do?

Sorry my English isn't good at allπŸ˜•πŸ˜‘


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  • Relax sisters are emotionally drawn to each other through bitth order allow your girl to go through what we call seperation anxiety which is stress x10 magnified because her sister needs her now


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