What are signs your date has NOT moved on from his/her divorce?

My friends say if a date mentions his/her ex spouse more than once on a first date-red flag. Thoughts?


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  • They shouldn't come up much on a first date because the focus should be on getting to know each other to decide if you wanto continue with an additional date. The failure of a marriage can be a complex Topic, so better suited for discussion when you know each other better. Talking about an ex-spouse can also mean bitterness is displayed, and that of Course is a turn-off.

    • Thank you. I met someone yesterday who is divorced and seems the ex and I have a few things in common but I really did not need to know nor did I ask. Date was floored (and I mean he literally fell off his chair) when he realized his ex and I work in the same field. Does not bother me and not like I know the ex.

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  • Sure. They're still stuck there. It's your job in dating to discern whether they're worthy of your investment in time and emotion, whether they're a match. Don't get too hung up on people's hang ups cuz they all have them. Look at the overall package, and HAVE SOME FUN.

    • Thanks! But I just don’t want to invest my time on someone who is not ready to date or is looking for a rebound girl.

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    • Good, sound advice. Luckily, this guy is very wealthy (not the reason I liked him since I have money of my own.) so-you’d think he’d be full of confidence? Just sucks that some divorced men (and women for that matter too) are too traumatized/broken after a divorce. ☹️

    • Yes. Sometimes they never recover. Consider that may well be why they're divorced in the first place. Someone got sick and tired of their bullshit. :)

  • Divorce? Is that what I have to look forward to dating in my 30’s

    • 30s and 40s, although this guy is in his 40s

    • Can’t I just date younger girls, why do I have to date women my age

  • Constant complaints on ex

    • And mentioning an ex a few times, even though you didn’t ask?

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