There is a girl that I like but we don't really know each other that well. What's the best way for me to approach her?

So now I'm a senior now but I've liked her since last year at school but I was way to scared to talk to her and my low self esteem at the time didn't help. Basically we've only had one real conversation which even that still didn't feel like much. But this year i have to talk to her to at least get to know her because its senior year and there's nothing left to lose. This year we don't have any classes together, however, we do have the same lunch and besides the hallways that's the only place I'll usually see her.

To give a better rundown of the situation. I'll just say that I'm pretty much the quiet guy and no one really notices me. And the girl, I'll call her 'Rose,' is a little more outgoing I would say. She's more involved with school activities and events and she's also part of the student government. She usually sits with her group of other student government folks at lunch.

So today I was promising myself that I'd have to talk to Rose or else i would not play video games for the rest of 2018. I was so sure I would do this but today I was at the snack line during lunch and I had just got my cookie I had ordered and as I grabbed my tray and turned around, i look behind me and she was right there. I had completely forgotten what I was gonna say to her because i got so damn nervous and I just walked to my seat. After that I was thinking of going to go talk to her while she was in her group but I thought it would be awkward considering I just ignored her.

Today is Friday so I obviously have to wait till next week to get another shot but the question now is how do I approach her. She's had to have seen me by now and at least recognized me from last year so i bet it would be weird if I said something but what would be my best way to approach this, and her?


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  • I think what would be best, is for me to leave here.
    And never return.


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  • Kidnap her

    • Let's just pretend that kidnapping is illegal and one could face severe consequences for it. With this said, how would you answer?

    • Ask her out

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