Why did my boyfriend say this?

So my boyfriend and I went on a date. And he asked if I had a great relationship with my dad (parents are divorced) I said no he doesn't try to see me much. And I explained he left when I was 9. And my boyfriend said "wanna go egg his house?" He said jokingly. Why did he say this?


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  • If you're talking about the egg thing then like you said, it was a joke. Although if you're talking about the father thing I have some insight into that. My dad has children from 6 different women. And I'm one of 8 and he always tells me that you should never try and build a family with a woman that doesn't have a good relationship with their father. And his reasoning for this was because from his experience, women who don't have fathers (actively in their lives) are not used to the balance of both male and female presence. And not only with building families but women who dont have fathers are probably not the best choice for relationships. Because like I said a little earlier they never had the balance growing up, because according to my father there are lessons that women need to get from their mothers as well as their fathers. And especially in the teenage years because that's when girls become able to have children and they need that male presence to show them how they should pick, and treat their man and vice versa. Now none of this is to say that a woman who hadn't had her father is not a good woman for a relationship, but these are somewhat guidelines for how things should work.

    In your case I would assume that your boyfriend wants to know you better so he asked about your father to see how your first ever relationship (non-sexual) with a male was and he can apply it to himself and how you both will be in the future.

  • He loves you and wants you to get even.


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