A beautiful face or a sexy body?

Guys: would you pick a beautiful face with an average body or an average face with a beautiful body?


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  • Beautiful face 100% maybe the hot body is hot like in porn when you dont see the face but irl you always see the face

    • What about you hot body or hot face

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    • I can't my meds just fucks me up i can eat like 20 ppound of food and im only gonna gain 1 pound

    • But good luck to you tho

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  • I prefer and have had

    beautiful face with an average body

    That said, I married

    average face with a beautiful body

    I am happy either way.

  • Face, inmediately. This youtuber I watch, Jaclyn Glenn, has a body that is too thin for me on most women but her face is like an absolutr dream.

  • Beautiful face with average body. I go with that

    • i'm actually surprised so many guys say face over body. i was under the impression that bodies had to be flawless to attract a guy. so i lost 15 pounds. still need to lose 10. :( Ugh, slow and gruelling process. Last time i took the fast route (crash dieting) i lost 40 pounds in 2 months and half the hair on my head. Hopefully my current weight loss efforts will not cause my now thick hair to turn into string.

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