Why Do A Guy Ask “Are you okay,” Over A Hundred Times?

So every time I’m mad at boyfriend right.. he always ask me if I’m ok after 5 mins after an argument. Does it look like I’m ok? I don’t get it. Then when I say “I’m fine.” (Because I don’t want to talk anymore) he gets upset. I’m the type of female that wants to be alone when I’m mad. I saw this stereotype on instagram where a girl says she fine but clearly isn’t fine.. and the guy tries to comfort her but she pushes him away, then when he does go away she’s in her feelings. This isn’t the case right here. I don’t know if I’m making any since🤦🏼‍♀️


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  • He is possesive in making sure you are ok.

    Tell him to not do that cuz u are a big girl and you are strong.


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  • It is a question that guys ask and when it is asked it is one of those questions that tells us by your answer if repair/reconciliation is possible, or if the relationship is done.
    From the sounds of things, your anger issues are destroying the core relationship you two share. Once that is gone, its over for you two.
    It is not a you question, but an us question.
    Two guys have a fight, one will commonly say, "You good" the other responds 'we're good". That means the fight it truly over and in the past. Never to be brought up again.

  • Wrong. It's 200 times


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