Best line to open up a conversation on tinder?


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  • For the love of all that is good in this world, NO pickup lines. Just don't. Is it funny and endearing if you choose the right one? Yes. But it's really hard to tell someone's sense of humor just from pictures and a short profile. Don't go sexual really fast, even if that's all your looking for. Just makes you another guy amoung dozens. You want to stand out. Be creative, 'hey' doesn't make a good first impression. You could start with a question to jumpstart conversation. Give a compliment that isn't based on appearance, they mean so much more. If there's a picture of them hiking, say they're adventurous. If they have a nice shirt, tell them that you like their style instead. Also, don't be afraid to get a little weird. I'm personally a fan of going needlessly formal. i. e. 'Tell me my lady, would you perchance like to go out for coffee?' It's funny and cute. (Also when a girl calls you cute it doesn't mean you aren't manly or attractive. Is usually means she likes your personality and you give her stomach butterflies. Almost always is a compliment.) Another good option is to ask a question others normally wouldn't. 'Would you prefer to be murdered by Michael or Freddy. Why?'


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  • I saw that we matched up. Wanna fuck?


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