Omitting details about past relationships when chatting via online dating?

I’m curious whether this is the norm with men in particular and online dating, but do men generally omit details about the more recent relationships / dalliances so as to not appear still hung up on someone? Or some other reason?

I was in discussion with a guy online recently who I later learned was an ex love interest of a colleague at work - we’ve never met, and he doesn’t know me outside of the online dating chat. I got talking to this guy about his recent relationship experiences and he failed to even as little as mention the ”thing” with my collegue, and outright lied about not dating or having kissed anyone this year. i tried to tip toe around the topic, asking other questions to elicit at least some discussion about it but he just downright behaved as though she never even existed?

This “thing” between them was over a year, he would disappear and come back repeatedly and most recently he was the one hurt because she returned to an ex. He lied and said he’s been single over 2 years, and he’s not been romantically involved with someone that led to kissing since in a relationship (lie). He also denied any friends of the opposite sex having “feelings” towards him, which was clearly the case in my friends experience with him. Can someone please explain why someone seems so open about a past relationship to a complete stranger, but acts as though a most recent experience never even happened? It just baffles me.


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  • Well, that's because he was hiding something and thought he could get away with it.

    In general, I won't talk about past relationships unless she wants to other than to Mention I've been married and have Kids. Past relationships usually aren't a Pleasant Topic and you'd rather Focus on getting to know the new Person that has piqued your interest.

  • Guys will say anything to get laid


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