Girls, Why do most blue eyed women prefer brown hair and brown eye guys?

I have red hair and blue eyes , I'm attracted to girls with blue eyes ( probaly because it's familiar with my genetics and family history ) but it seems most European women now tend to be into dark hair guys and brown eyes while they seem to dislike light guys. Always seem to see blonde blue eyed women with darker guys. I don't care if I'm labeled racist but in all seriousness it feels like blues eyes are going. To die out and all just look the same :/


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  • I'm not blonde or blue eyed... But giving it a thought... the hair, eyes and skin differences are due to the quantity of melanin. The more melanin, the darker the colors will be. Melanin is thought to protect more against sun light. That's why light directly in the eyes might bother more blue eyed than brown eyed.

    On the other hand, humans have internal mechanisms, which are unaware to us, that makes us feel attracted to people whose DNA can improve the species. So even though light eyed colors are so beutiful, brown eyes proctects us better, so my theory is that they feel attracted in the unaware because of that weird human unaware mechanisms. But is only a weird theory.

    Also there are more people with brown eyes in the world than blue eyed, so there are more probabilities to end with someone who has a common feature.

    • Yeah that sounds like a plausible theory , it's strange when I was younger I was very attracted to brown hair and brown eyes myself but over the years my taste has become lighter and blue eyes

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