Would you mind dating a guy with hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms)?

I’ve had palmar hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of my palms) since I was 15 and it has inconvenienced my day to day activities for the past 7 years. My sweat doesn’t have an ordour but I believe it is a huge turn off to girls especially when holding hands, which is the reason why I have never asked anyone out throughout my life.

I’ve heard countless times that if you love someone, you’ll be able to look past their imperfections and love them for who they are but I simply can’t imagine a girl not being disgusted at holding someone’s hand which is wet 90% of the time.

I’d appreciate honest answers over answers that are clearly meant to make me feel better. Thank you.


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  • I hope you'll forgive me but that's so silly. Ask a girl out first and then figure out whether it's a problem. I really doubt it. I think I have moderately sweaty palms at least. Also when you hold hands with a girl for a long time, and things start to get wet, it's hard to tell whose sweat it is anyway. I've had many instances where I was holding hands with a girl and one of us was sweaty and neither of us knew, so we teased about it and it was funny, and neither of us minded. In your case perhaps it's you most of the time, but it's no big deal as I see it, cause even if it was me with the sweaty palms, the girls didn't mind.

    Actually it's a little bit evil but you could stop holding her hand for a sec and wipe your hands and be like, "You sweaty!" Then the girl might be like, "I think that's you!" Me: "I'm not sure. Maybe to be safe I should grab your ass instead."

    • And then if she agrees you can grab her ass and see if it leaves a wet spot to see whose palms were sweaty. And in your case you'd probably leave some evidence behind, but if she lets you grab her ass and you give a few squeezes here and there, it's very flirty and she probably wouldn't mind if you leave a sweaty handprint.

    • Like this is *way* more minor than guys on here worried about small dicks in my opinion. But same advice -- ask a girl out first and then figure it out. You gotta get over the fear of rejection. It's like never applying for a job because you're afraid they might not want to hire you or something. Just apply for the job and then figure it out. And if they don't want to hire you, apply for another one -- simple.

  • I have very sweaty palms too and it has never been too micth of a problem


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