Please rate my looks out of ten?

I've not had any luck on dating sites and tbh its knocked my confidence. I'm 5'9 and average size
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  • 6.5.

    You look perfectly fine to me and the option of facial hair can be a serious game changer.

    The only thing that could probably do with a major change though, is your hairstyle - try growing it out on top and maybe taking it lower on the sides.

    If you do decide to do the above, then you ma want to take your beard a little bit lower - your current style of beard is fine, but trimming it a little can make it look a little neater and maybe blend in with your hair a little bit.

    • Thanks, I went through a stage of trying to grow it like John wick but it ended up looking like a pineapple. I've definitely identified it's more the way I look at myself, maybe online dating is just a thirst trap now and time have changed. Thank you for your straight taking feedback

    • No problem. =)

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  • Have you ever had a female friend look at your profile and give you some brutally candid feedback?

    • No I haven't , it seems a lot harder to make friends when You're older guess give me an excuse to go out more.

    • A lady I met online turned me down because of our age difference. She seemed like a nice lady so I asked her if she would give me some feedback on my profile. She agreed and told me a few things that were a surprise. I made some changes to my profile and started getting better results.

  • Expect to get women at your attrativness (which I’d say is an 8, but I’m straight) less 2 on dating apps. So expect to get at the highest, sixes.

    It’s just the way the apps work due to so many fake male model profiles, constant swiping by men, and finnickiness by women.

    I’d say your chances aren’t much better on plenty of fish, or other priamarily web based services.

    You’ll have much better luck at the bar where it seems to be the reverse. If you are an 8, you can probably get a 9 or 10, if you’re lucky enough to even see one. Where as women that are eights will get 8s or less. I wouldn’t say it’s always that way, but that’s what I usually see

    • Thank you, maybe it's just a confidence thing but you have put things in perspective for me

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