I think this girl likes me but is not ready to date what should I do?

This chick that a few years younger than me by like 7 years gives off a few signs that she likes me. I like her as well but right now I know her main priority is schooling and right fully so. I know if I pull the trigger too soon she will say she is not ready to date anyone right now. How do I keep her interested potentially in me and ask her out when the time is right? I know if I wait too long or give up on her some other guy is going to come along and probably ask her out. At the same time I feel if I give her too much attention she will most likely get turned off by needy efforts. What should I do?


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  • Do whatever you think gives you the best chance of success with her. I would think that if she is interested in you, she'd make some time for you, so make it clear you'd be understanding about her studies.

  • Nothing about this sounds different than any other girl you have probably asked out.

    So she’s in college. Ok. So what?

    Ask her out. If she says yes and the date goes well, ask her on another. I think you see where I’m going with this...

    The trick to not appearing needy or desperate is not to be needy or desperate. If she isn’t interested, she’ll say no, for whatever reason, and you’ll have 4 billion other women in the world you can potentially ask out.

    And if she says no because she’s focused on school work, and you both happen to be single in a couple years, ask her out then. I think 2 years is an acceptable amount of time to wait to try again.


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