Guys, Two questions?


• i get that it is a numbers game, with men contacting women on online dating.

• This explains men that are 2/3, contacting 8/9/10 women, and getting no response...
• BUT why do men persistently chase 9s, even if blocked?
... i. e.: if they were to chase all of the women that way, it would be their full time job?


• Is your goal mostly sex?
• If so , why don’t men just go to hookers to save time and energy.
You pay for dates etc etc, so what is the difference between that and time/money/energy consuming chasing uninterested women, that will never put out.


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  • id veto that. there's a normal distribution in searches of men looking for woman, its only women looking for the top 10% of men.

    by the way real men dont chase.

    the goal of dating is not sex only for the most of us.

    Most of us are looking for a real woman, who chooses us in the beginning of her 20s and remain loyal loving caring funny thin etc, having a lot of sex but only with each other and a good, loving, peacefull life with fun, through bad and good. but this is not that era in general

    • I’m sorry , but I don’t understand this point about not chasing. I don’t have a high opinion of myself, but have been chased obsessively by men aged 25-65, when I have never expressed any interest in them (ie didn’t give them my number etc). Some were married, some ok looking (subjectively). That is why I assumed obsessive chasing was just a normal part of standard male behaviour.

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    • You said; "That is why I assumed obsessive chasing was just a normal part of standard male behaviour". You are right it is a part of male behavior for many men but not for ALL men and its not a normal or even an ordinary behavior. Its more of a lack of self esteem behavior.

  • (1) guys who you consider a 2/3 don't know that they are considered that. Men, in general, have no idea what women find attractive. And being clear in your assessment means nothing to someone who is desperate.

    (2) Sex is a partial goal - the rest is seduction. We want to validate our sexual prowess by knowing that girls wanted us to have sex with them. Prostitution allots the sex, but not the seduction. Plus it's illegal and thus difficult to find a prostitute. I'm sure if it were legal and there were brothels all over the place, quite a few men would visit them and the non-prostitute women of the world would be less harassed overall, but that's not the case..

    • Excellent points. Gave me complete clarity.

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    • @mobligator
      I disagree. My ex was model beautiful and struggled to hold women down (including me). He had had 1 relationship at 26.
      He had even done ‘pick up artistry’ courses to teach him how to attract women etc.
      I’m also not ugly, and am attracted to 1% of men, and when I am , they aren’t normal (ie my ex).
      I have got corporate jobs because of looks etc, but ended up being treated badly by men because I’ve rejected them, and women that were interested in those men (and that had gone for my job beforehand).
      I’m chased to the point of harassment by questionable men that are middle aged, married + unattractive (I. e. anyone/ everyone) when I haven’t shown interest other than colleague small talk , which is stressful and irritating, as it isn't reciprocated.
      I have model friends that are rejected by fellow models also, so everyone experiences rejection.
      In short, I’m not sure I agree with your post. Ir isn’t but that’s simple. It doesn’t tie into what I’ve observed so far...

    • *Life isn’t that simple

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  • I don't think it's unattractive guys chasing really attractive women. Those women are usually not doing online Dating.

    • Sex with a prostitute is nowhere near as good as with a girlfriend. Would you kiss a prostitute or go down on her? Cuddle with her? Nope.

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    • I honestly don’t get it. If I’ve understood your email correctly, men chase anyone/ everyone, simply because they are horny. So how / why’s does companionship factor ? Again, a hooker better suits. I find it bizarre.

    • It's both.

  • I've had sex with 3 or 4 prostitutes and one of them gave me sex for free, (which was pretty good ) but the others it was just for the money & there wasn't any feelings or affection involved so the sex wasn't any different than if I had jerked off. When a man ejaculates/cums/has an orgasm ~ "its always the same"! No matter if he masturbates or has his penis inside of a females vagina. If he is making love with a girl and has fore play and is being stimulated by feeling her body , kissing and making love so to speak, it enhances the sexual pleasure while its happening but when he cums its "Exactly" the same pleasure! In other words an orgasm is an orgasm no matter how it happened or with whom it happens but we don't think its going to be that way when we have sex with a hooker but after its over we realize it is or was just the same as if we had jerked off. Hookers don't make love to you, they can get you off "Real Fast" (they're experts at doing it) and go on to the next guy. But it takes experience for a man to realize this & I've had enough experience to know it. If a man wants sex that bad he might as well settle for a blow job, it feels just as good, costs less & is actually more sensitive, esp after you cum. The head of your dick is so sensitive you can hardly stand it once you cum. :)

  • I don't think you realize that 10% of men get 90% of the women and the other 90% of men have to all fight each other just to get with that remaining 10%.

    So it's not A numbers game, it's two completely different numbers games that go on concurrently.

    • Beauty is subjective. I have model friends that have been rejected on more than one occasion, and they chased on some occasions.

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    • What ELSE would be? Who else collects data on hundreds of thousands of relationships?

      Don't be obtuse.

    • That is my point. No one is.
      That ‘data’ and your opinion is speculative.
      So please don’t write as though you are categorically correct over anyone else, or give unsolicited advice.
      I’d take your own advice in regards to being obtuse.

  • I seriously doubt 2s and 3s are going after top tier talent. They know where they stand. They might be trying to date up but were talking a 6 here, not a 10.

    • See Bananman’s response above, and my comments.

    • You don't even understand what he said. His numbers are wrong, but they are not in your favor.

    • Hmm, it sounds like you don’t understand what either one of us have said/are saying.

      You’ve also misunderstood my post as requiring your validation. We all know that looks are subjective. What is a 10 to one person might be a 6 to another, and vice versa. Ranking is subjective, and irrelevant.

      Re: ‘his numbers are wrong‘ , realistically, there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits’ all answer that is categorically right.

  • I'll sum it up in one answer. Boys chase, men don't.

  • Um life leason me are hard wired for sex y do u think there so much porn... yes... but i dont understand u numbers at top

  • 1. Online there are tons of fake profiles and scams, so it is best to write a general message and just copy and paste it to multiple messages. Then by the response (if any) try to determine if it is a real person or a fake or scammer.
    2. I would only look for a relationship, not sex. I think the point of going online to find someone is when someone isn't interested in the people they encounter in real life, or if they aren't a party person (doesn't do drugs or drink alcohol) so they don't meet as many potential partners.
    OR when they don't really hang out with opposite gender friends they aren't as likely to meet someone in real life either.

  • Most hookers around here are disgusting addicts, not cute college girls looking for extra cash.

    If they were like the ones in Asia and Europe, well...


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