First date went well, but now we're home for the holidays. Is texting allowed?

So right before Christmas break, I went out with this incredible guy. We hit it off really well, and we agreed we'd see each other again after the break.

So here's the question. Am I allowed to text him? I don't want to seem needy or desperate by any means, but I do want to make sure he doesn't forget about me over the break. Should I send him a casual text, or wait until I get back to school?


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  • Of course you're allowed...

    • I probably should have worded that different, but you know what I mean. Don't want to seem clingy or desperate, that's all! :)

  • WTF kind of question is this. lol Of course you are! Text him.

    • Haha sorry. I guess I knew I was allowed... I guess a better word would have been acceptable/alright. But thanks anyway! :)

    • :) Rules are stupid. Don't follow them.

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