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I met this cutie who was working at Walmart a few days ago. I needed some specialty item, and so I asked her where I could find it. She sort of flirted with me a little bit, and I went on my way. We didn't exchange names, but I saw her name tag, and I ended up finding her on facebook. She had her SnapChat handle on her public profile, so I added her on Snap. She had a public story of her eating dinner with her kids (and no man!), so I sent her an artsy picture that I took of a bottle and glass of wine with some cheese. She doesn't know who I am yet, would it be creepy if I introduced myself?
  • cute! 😍
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  • that's kinda weird dude...
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  • Extremely creepy !!!
    You should have first introduced yourself in real life before asking her Snapchat id and all that. Now you seem like a creepy stalker


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