What do you think a date like this?

I know her from tinder and we finally met with each other.
She came 45 minutes late, and after it we started talking. Than she told me that some of her friend would come there, and they bring some drink, and maybe in that way we can improve the conversation, when they arrived they did not bring anything and said go with them to a club, then they started to mocking her with her ex-boyfriends and barely let us to talk, but they said we should sit and walk closer to each other and continuous asked us how is the date going? My dates twin was there too so they went the same place, but when they left she didn't let her go with them because "there are no place in the car" and told her to stay there with me, then she told me that i souposed to take her home, So we stayed and started to walk and during it we was talking very personally. During it she was playing with her hair and touch me several times. We walked like 6 km to her home (around 3pm) where I started to serach for the bus that takes me home she offered that she showes me where the bus stop is than she stayed with me until my bus came.


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