A weird flake. What's the reason?


I matched with a girl that I saw at a party once. She had already seen me IRL, so I thought it's a good sign that we matched. She even wrote me first and suggested to go on a date after a few messages. I said that I am at my parent's house for a week and she said that it's ok. A week later she wrote me and said that she still wants to meet and asked me if I'm down. Told her that we can meet up in 3 days when I am back to which she seemed quite excited about.

Asked her yesterday to check if we are still meeting to which she apologized and said that we shouldn't see each other, because she still doesn't know the status of her current relationship and that she doesn't know what she wants right now and that maybe some day we could go on a date.

Seems quite weird, because she was pursuing me and in a manner of 2 days, she quickly changes. Probably started talking to ex boyfriend recently. Is she just fixated on the other guy or am I inferior to him in her eyes? What's the reason for this sudden flake?


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