What should I do?

Last night we got into a huge drawn out fight while he was drinking and he broke up with me on the car ride home. I haven't cried or anything i did apologize but he's not talking to me. We have been actively not talking to eachother while roaming around the house. he's not packing or anything just on his phone planning something. So i asked him what he wanted to do and if he wanted to go to his dads. He said for what? I said well we're not talking and you broke up with me. And he goes i dont want to fucking talk to you right now. This fight is because he doesn't respect me and i dont trust him and this has been an ongoing problem thats come to a head. I feel he needs to leave for a few days so we can have time apart but then again i don't even know if we are together at this point. He thinks all this is on me and while some of it is nothing is his fault and I don't know how to make it work. And if we aren't together i don't want him here this is just awkward and not exactly sure what to do.


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