I know he likes me at lot, so what does his hot and cold behaviour mean?

So this guy is pretty into me, always texting first, asking me to meet up, complimenting me etc. I like him a lot, and he knows what this.

When he’s going through a hot phase, he seems eager to talk to me and always replies quickly when I text him. However, he will then go through a cold phase when he seems less engaged in conversation/takes ages to reply etc.

For example, yesterday I went round to his place and we spent time together cuddling etc. It felt amazing between us, better than it’s ever been; he made comments about the future of the relationship (in a positive way) and implied he was glad to be dating me. Today though, he seemed more distant, not replying to my texts and generally not seeming as eager to talk. Just as I think things are going great, he always seems to pull away a little.

I know for a fact he likes me a lot, and wants our relationship to last, so what does this hot and cold behaviour mean?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Some guys need some space in order to recharge their social energy. His cold phases are him recharging and his hot phases are when he is fully charged.

    Another possibility is that he could be preoccupied sometimes when you text him. Maybe he is playing an online video game and doesn't look at his phone until the match is over. Maybe his phone is on silent and he doesn't check it very often.

    Ultimately I wouldn't read into it too much as it isn't a big deal. He clearly likes you and these phases don't change that.


What Girls Said 1

  • I have been there too and there is nothing more frustrating than these mixed signals, I just want to give an advice based on what I went through however you are feeling about the relationship and no matter how uncomfortable it gets don’t show him that if he tried to pull away sometimes let him and show him that its fine and that you have your own life too and if he’s not dating you you can date any other guy don’t let him get to your head and feel that he’s got you I mean maybe he is busy or have something going on but mostly its how boys work they chase you they get you they leave you be smart


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