T/F: Online dating is 99% bs / no success and 1% maybe compatible?

How has your success been with apps / services? Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Match, etc. Are you in a populated location or a desolate location?
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  • Had a few conversation in tinder. The girls where too far away and others where just there without real interes. Tried it for a few months 2-4. Than I gave up after a girl who I asked if I can call her, she said yes, when I called her, she didn't answer than ignored me totally. Not worth the time waisted there.

  • I'm in a very populated location (at least I thought so until I visited China) but haven't had much luck at all with online. The last couple dates I had from online sites, within five minutes we were both like, OK, can I go now?

    Much more common is sending messages and never getting a response. I find maybe 1 in 10 even look at my profile, and maybe 1 in 50 respond in any way, even with a polite rejection.


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