Meet an interesting girl during the summer but now it feels hopeless?

had meet her at the restaurant where she worked , she was new and I started a conversation with her. we seemed to have somewhat of a connection , but I only saw her at work twice. also ran into her once at a nearby bar and she seemed to like me , we talked on all 3 of those occasions

but I didn't see her again after that night , went back to the restaurant twice and both times she wasn't there and its not close to where I live so I don't get there often. and she never came back to the bar either. now that summer is over I'm assuming she went back home or returned to school. don't think she was planning to stay here into the fall

I tried to find her online but was unable to find anything , I know a couple of the girls she worked with there but I don't really communicate with them well. and don't think they'd be that interested in helping me find her

not really sure why I liked her so much , definitely something about her , good looking but more down to earth than other girls her age if that makes sense. she seemed more like the type of girl you'd actually want to date instead of just hooking up with. I don't even know if she realised that I actually liked her , maybe she knew but we never got a chance to get that deep into knowing each other


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  • I hate to be so blunt, but if you don't have her contact information and don't have a way of getting her contact information and she lives in a different area I would say the chances of anything happening are almost 0. Do you know her name?

    • only know her first name , hailey which is rather common. I know 2 of the girls she worked with there but they both have locked online profiles so I couldn't find her there and for some reason were no pictures online of the staff where she worked. I just couldn't find anything.

      remember that she told me her father lived her and she was working at the restaurant for the summer? but she wasn't from here and not sure where she was originally from , I never asked where she went to school or if she was even in school , but due to her age I think she'd be in school

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    • I was never really obsessed with her , only saw her a couple times. can usually find girls online , other girls I'd often find when they were tagged in photo's from the bar or friends pages. there just doesn't seem to be anything related to her

      its possible she re appears next summer but that is a long wait , and at this point I don't seem to have anything to go on. my only real hope is that I randomly run into her again either in person or her profile online. but realistically I need to take a step back and just not worry about her

    • Probably a good idea, but I wish you the best of luck. Maybe you'll run into her again. Maybe you'll be talking about how you first met and how it was such a strange coincidence years from now

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