If you're talking to a guy and you're about to be in a serious relationship, would it be okay for them to call another girl 'darling'?

So it's this guy's birthday and we've known each other for nearly 2 years and we want to make it official between us (serious relationship) very soon and I saw under his birthday post a girl I know that knows him commented 'happy birthday' and he replied saying 'thank you darling'. Now, I know we aren't actually in a relationship but we're basically heading to that stage so I don't know, is that a problem? Am I overreacting? I get told I can be dramatic/diva so I wanna make sure I'm not acting crazy lol


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What Guys Said 1

  • You are 100% overreacting, he's being friendly, not shagging her.

    • lmao I had a feeling I was overreacting but I just wanted to be 100% sure of it

    • Guess it's worth asking but yeah, not worth causing any trouble over

What Girls Said 1

  • HELLNO that is not ok he is cheating on you

    • I mean we aren't exactly in a relationship yet but we're heading towards one. Lol I don't know, I guess it will all come out one day

    • Well still if he was going to be in a relationship with u then why did he call someone darling..
      Because then that means he ain't serious.. about the relationship

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