Did God give my ex boyfriend karma?

My ex boyfriend was horrible to me and for no reason. He hurt my feelings so bad, it took a year to recover.

I'm a quiet, studious and shy girl. It developed into a hate love relationship. However, I came more nice and open to him.

His ex girlfriend was so jealous and was mean. She would persuade him into telling her our relationship business.

When I told him she was just trying to copy me being a good girl, he said I was crazy. All his family and friends sided with him.

She wis crazy. She'd tan really dark to look like me because I'm black. She'd do anything to copy me. She even started pretending to be a church girl.

She was good at manipulating people and trying to make them believe she was innocent.

I found out he was lying and cheating the whole time. His ex girlfriend would set him up with random girls and models she was affilated with.

They would lie to his family/friends about me and say I was a horrible mean person and crazy ex.

Anyways, after calling me a hoe for a whole year +, they both got karma.

She eventually showed her true party girl self and he ended up seeing it but it was too late.

I've not gotten over my heartbreak and am studying to be a doctor.


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  • Yes karma did came


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