What does it mean if he says"baby I need more time, I just went out of a relationship of 5 years" ?

Hello, So i met this guy this summer, he's Saudian/Oman and he's 31. We really liked each other, at our first date he came with his brother. We had really great time, and said he want a relationship with me. We even kissed, and told me he will never break my heart or lie to me. When i returned to my city, he told me that he need more time, because he was with someone for 5 years. I dont understand why he started dating me and really seemed to appreciate me if he's not ready. What should i do know? i feel like i have been dumped


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  • You haven't been dumped, I assume he still wants to see you, but he doesn't feel ready to commit to you yet.

    It's entirely up to you how you want to take that, if you're prepared to wait then keep seeing the guy, if you're not, then don't.


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