Does cuddling mean anything for a guy?

My ex was all cuddly and falling asleep on me before he dumped me two days later. Stating he isn’t ready for a serious committed relationship like he thought and how he’s going to use this time to not waste his twenties as this is his time to really buckle down and put everything into his career especially since he’s been working 6 days a week a lot. He isn’t going to school this semester because of it and feels grateful for the opportunity of his job and wants to make x amount of money by the time he’s 30.

I’ve been around his family a lot which is uncommon for him. I was his first relationship in two years although we were together four months. He said he enjoyed our time together but isn’t emotionally available and that also we probably haven’t been on the same page. He said he does have feelings for me after I asked him and that he wouldn’t have gotten into a relationship with me if he didn’t but he’s in a slightly different headspace than when we met.

My question is does cuddling mean anything? He used to cuddle me all the time. Sometimes he would get up with me just to hug me for a while and not say anything just hold me and give me a kiss on my head.

A week after we broke up I see he is back active on bumble and updated a new photo. I don't know I just thought he really did like me and have feelings for me.


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  • Cuddling can just mean you want to embrace someone. To have intimate contact It doesn't necessarily mean there's a deep emotional connection.


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