Can females not be friends with guys nowadays?

So I'm tired of people always thinking I'm always going out with the guys I hang out with.

So every time I'm hanging out with my guy friends we have a good time we can laugh and talk but when it's just me and a guy people always ask us how long have you guys been going out? And we just look at them like what are you talking about and I get this a lot and it's all cause I can talk to a guy with out having the awkward silence and we both have great sense of humor.

And I guess I get along with guys very easy because I was raised with male cousins so I kinda know how guys think and I kinda think like one too in somethings


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  • in college its the most common thing


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  • At your age that stuff is always assumed. It goes away after high school.


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  • It's good to hang out without expectations of romance, up to a point...It's good you can look at things in this way.

    But the time will come...