Any virgin girls that did other stuff?

Im just wondering, if you haven’t actually had sex have you done other things with a guy? How did you feel afterwards? Im in a situation where i have the opportunity to and i need help setting boundaries.


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  • Hmm... to be honest. I am a virgin and I haven’t done anything. It’s kinda of embarrassing and probably one of my excuses to not lose weight. Why bother? I kissed a guy before and I had one guy or two who kiss me without permission on my neck. Now sex, oral, butt sex, blow jobs, or dry humping, fingering, French kissing... I haven’t. I haven’t done anything but Kiss a guy for 5 seconds or have been kiss on my neck. I think if your hormones are going crazy and you want stay a virgin than avoid men at all cost. I totally understand it’s kinda of like you get caught up with the hormones. I guess that’s why I had a guy kiss my neck for what seem forever. Hormones they gonna kill me someday.

    • I feel a little embarrassed that i never did anything either. But i also feel ready to try some stuff. I never even kissed a guy before.. but i defs will set boundaries with him! Once you feel ready your time will come to experience all that! :)

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    • Yeah i don’t entirely trust myself hahaha

    • God bless you girls!

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  • Nope

  • I’ve done everything except penis in vagina or anus. It’s been with only one guy and no one else, and I’ve loved him for years.

    Everyone’s definition of a virgin is different, some people might say I’m no longer one because I’m not innocent and pure sexually anymore.

    It’s up to you, but I’d choose someone who I at least trust and really like because you’ll always remember the stuff you did even if it’s not full blown sex. Also be sure to be safe, you can still catch stds without having actual intercourse.

    • Ok thanks for the advice! I might end up giving him a bj, so would it be safer to tell him to have a condom on?

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    • Yeah for sure! Thank you for your help :)

    • Of course! Hope you have fun and be safe!

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