Do common/average females love dating men who take charge?

I like it when it's even :)

Yet, t seems like most females want me to control everything from conversations, dates, everything. Like I got to make it everything work.

I do meet some females who want to take charge and they scare me :(.


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  • Yes, years of our existence have shaped them into been more submissive and taking orders from the males. But times are changing and now more females are becoming of equal to more influential in decision making in relationships, dating, etc.

    But depending on the society you live in, this will still be very common. Specially in places like the middle east where religion places females below man. And it will take much longer than the rest of the world for them to achieve a status equal to or higher than man in relationships, dating, etc.

    And like I said, because is something we have been wired to and taught to do, females will still prefer for the guy to take the innovative on things like conversations, dates, etc.

    Hope that helps ✌️


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