Is he not satisfied with me?

My boyfriend of 8 months confessed that he wants to stay together forever and started talking about kids. The other day we were out and driving out of the parking lot full of cars. A pretty girl was getting out of the car. And she starting walking in. My boyfriend gets distracted easily. We drove by and he glanced once then again. I was also looking at her. My boyfriend drives an hour to see me. Claims he loves me and calls me sexy and beautiful. About 3 years ago (before we started dating) he liked a photo of a girl in a bikini next to a truck. Am I worrying over nothing? What about him glancing? He loves cars and trucks maybe he was looking at them? Not sure pretty positive it was the girl. Am I not pretty enough for him?


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  • Seems like you're overreacting. I mean, how often does he glance towards girls? If it happens every single day, i'd start worrying. For the picture of a girl next to a truck, it could be possible he just liked the truck. But then again if the reason was the girl, then why worry? That was over 3 YEARS ago. It's all good

  • nothing to worry about


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