We became emotionally closer but physically more distant after sex. Why is that?

So after we had sex on the 6th date, he basically pulled away physically (doesn’t touch me as much). But he became closer emotionally and more comfortable with me.

Why is that? What is happening in his head?
Any perspectives?


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  • Was the sex good - Is he feeling pressure to pleasure you, that could be it - The relationship is strong because of the emotional closeness - The physical closeness will come back the more you get used to each other sexually


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  • I think he is pulling away because you gave him what he wanted

  • Have you seen him much since then and was the sex good?

    • yes he initiated texting more and asked me out and we went out.
      the sex was good I think! he said it was good and we did twice that night.

    • Did you have sex again?

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