He says he missed me, says he's into me, calls me cute and hot, but doesn't text me?

this guy and I have been hooking up on and off for almost a year now. over the summer we texted a few times and said he was excited to see me. He told me he missed me, he calls me cute and he said he was into me. but after we hook up, he doesn't text me or anything. he made me breakfast and offered me coffee. I brought it up one time and said he confused me, and he said that was the last thing he wanted to do. he offered to walk me home the other night. what should I do about this?


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  • Kinda odd hearing that. The fact that he said "that was the last thing he wanted to do" could possibly mean he's more into in-person conversations instead of over the internet/one way convos.

    It's definitely odd but with the given information that's the best i could come up with. Ultimately you guys should discuss on the matter

  • He is hiding something?


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