I pretended to be emotional unstable?

because i thought i wasn't normal... i never get angry... i never get jealous... i never stress... so i lied to my therapist to appear 'human' cause i thought i was weird and i wasn't normal... i regret it now cause now it says on paper i am...


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  • That literally makes no sense as to why you'd pretend to have mental health issues, however, if you are fine, why were you seeing a therapist? To some extent, I would say there is something troubling your mind if you felt the need to act.

    • because everyone around me was saying something was wrong with me...

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    • Saw something in you as a person that made then think you needed counselling.

    • no... u dont understand.. they would always call me boring...

  • You can always go back and tell the truth. Don't overthink it, it's normal. People lie to their therapist, open up, lie again... Therapy takes time


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